Read Our DDQ To Find Out Why ACMP II is Unique

The ACMP II team are in the 9th year of R&D and going on 4 years of excellence in live trading.

What makes our strategy different from our peers?

We would prefer not comment on our peers, but the facts are that we achieve consistent high alpha returns! We believe our technology and methodology is superior and tested through time. We made a decision early on that the core of our development and investment on development will focus on defensive strategies, and managing the “what if’s”, with automation. Controlling the variable of a Black Swan event, or a trade that goes against the highest probability is what creates a winning track record. Developing automated functionality to achieve that is the combination of almost 40 years trading within our development team, and lots of time, trial and error to put experience to code. 

Outside of functionality, we would stand out as a partnership for our fraternal appreciation to one another, our loyalty to the partnership but particularly to our clients. We feel privileged to serve people, and we are proud to create wealth for our clients. Reputation for us is paramount. 

Capital Preservation is also our mantra.
DDQ Document
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