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"Protecting valuable capital is important, but delivering significant alpha must remain an option"

                                          (US$ in Thousands)


          Percentiles:           Forecast Values:
            0%                     $     72,133,000
          10%                     $   137,251,000
          20%                     $   167,777,000
          30%                     $   200,195,000
          40%                     $   225,942,000
          50%                     $   253,677,000
          60%                     $   285 238,000
          70%                     $   323 034,000
          80%                     $   370 118,000
          90%                     $   435,525,000

          Base Case:            $ 447,346,000
          Mean:                   $  275,869,000
          Median:                $  253,742,000

The net present value ("NPV") is the difference between the present value of cash flows and outflow of investments required. The present value of cash flows are reflective of risk adjusted cash flows. The above graph indicates a positive NPV for the OptionScape project. It can be interpreted from the graph above that the probability of NPV above $225,942,000 is 60%. The lower 10% probability indicated a NPV between $72,133,000 and $137,351,000 in the above table. The median NPV is shown to be $253,742,000

[Source: OptionScape independent valuation report]

Further information is available upon request


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