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To be a successful investor and reach your goals quickly, diversifying your Investment Portfolio is essential. In addition, you need a proven trader/manager with a proven methodology and team to ensure proper risk controls.

Our goal is simple: 
To provide a superior rate of return while maintaining a disciplined risk exposure. This category of business dependability exists only with the finest investment companies and allows it to stand out from all others due to setting and abiding by elevated standards.

A2ML is advised by an industry leading independent Trading Adviser of Foreign Currency FX Spot and OTC FX Options, and manager of outside funds and capital resources. We accept accounts on a discretionary basis only and trade exclusively for high net worth individuals, hedge funds, financial institutions, qualified self-directed IRAs and funds of funds. Through our strategic partnership with our advisers and sub-managers, we manage resources for investors through both overlay and absolute return strategies and employ distinctive methodologies that integrate the study of Actual and Implied Volatility, Quantitative Model-building, and Order-flow Analysis. A2ML's trading and management team including its sub-managers is composed of some of the best, most respected FX Spot and FX OTC Options strategists currently working in the industry and has the philosophy of keeping things simple, profitable, and with little confusion. Our business model has enabled A2ML's ACMP II trading strategy to make superior consistent profits for its investors and allow dependable, monthly returns that most firms only hope for in any single year's time.

About the Returns

The returns shown in the bar graph opposite are individual monthly returns that are actual real live results audited from December of 2013 through the present day. Our sub-manager's proven ACMP II Trading Strategy includes a low use of equity and conservative approach although achieving exceptional returns. 

You will note that in the Chart, there is a large increase in the average monthly returns starting in July 2015. In May 2015 our sub-managers enhanced the functionality of the algorithm to be able to trade 4 currency pairs simultaneously from 1 pair historically. 

We are now trading up to 30 currency pairs plus 4 metals pairs (including Gold) within ACMP II. The monthly gains demonstrate a consistent increase in profits (albeit that we cannot guarantee that we will not suffer a draw-down (loss) in the future) . Technical information and independent audits of performance are available upon request.


Management of Accounts

A2ML's ACMP II Managed Accounts are available only to, "Qualified Clients" and "Accredited Investors". The minimum initial managed account investment is currently $250,000.00 USD. All additional contributions to a Managed Account are subject to a minimum of $25,000.00 USD. A2ML may waive or reduce these requirements in certain cases for initial "Test" purposes and reserves the right to change them for new investors in the future. All Managed Account contributions will be accepted on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) business day of any month (Other subscription dates may be made available subject to the Investment Manager's discretion).

Prime Brokerage & Practices

A2ML's sub-managers may effect transactions on behalf of the Managed Account with counter parties, through brokerage firms, in a manner consistent, in most cases, with the principles of best execution and price. A2ML directs all Managed Accounts to our Prime Broker Directly. All account opening activities are handled by the PB Compliance Dept. Prior to opening a Managed Account a Compliance Officer is directed to each client to ensure the account application and required paperwork is in order and submitted in an accommodating package. However, ACMP II's management team's allocation of brokerage business will not be based solely on a desire to get the best execution and price possible. Depending on the situation, other brokers may be selected on the basis of other considerations, including, but not limited to clearance: settlement, trade platform functionality, record keeping and similar services provided to A2ML and Mediatrix.

Brokerage and Investment Expenses

The Managed Accounts will bear all brokerage and trading related expenses arising out of its investment activities. ACMP II's management team will bear all expenses incurred when utilizing third parties or members of our management team to keep records of the Managed Account portfolio summaries, transactions and statements as they relate to portfolio trades made by the Managed Account's various Brokers and Traders. If applicable, ACMP II's management team will be responsible for placing the Managed Account brokerage business and selecting currency trading banks or dealers. A2ML and it's sub-managers, Mediatrix capital Inc. are under no obligation to deal with any particular Traders, or currency trading banks, brokers or dealers.

Performance Fees

Each Client will pay A2ML a performance fee at the end of each profitable calendar month. This fee will be shared with our sub-managers. The Client is responsible for any performance fees accrued from the beginning of the month to the date of termination.

If a Client terminates their Agreement before the end of a calendar month, the Performance Fee with respect to such Client will be made as of the close of the account. The performance fee will be 50% of a Client's net monthly gains for all account under $500,000 USD. To ensure that the performance fees are based on the long-term performance of a Client's account, A2ML will also adhere to a "High Watermark" procedure in which A2ML receives a performance fee only to the extent Net Profits in Client's account exceed any Net Losses that have not been recovered from a prior trading period. In the event the Client's account has Net Losses that have not been recovered, A2ML shall not be allocated any such performance fee until Client's account has first recovered such Net Losses. (Fees for Hedge Fund will vary, see Disclosure Documents for further information on HF).

Account Size Minimum                Lock-Up       Performance Fees       Withdrawal / Redemption Request
USD 250,000 - USD 499,999       120 Days      50%                                30 Day Notice
USD 500,000 - USD 999,999       120 Days      40%                                30 Day Notice
USD 1,000,000 +                           120 Days      35%                                30 Day Notice

Our firm specialises in Managed FX Investment Accounts via the Global Foreign Currency Exchange Markets. We use state-of-the-art technology and strategies that have been proven over and over to provide a consistent and reliable return. With a team of the world's leading FX Spot and OTC FX Currency Options traders and a mix of complex Derivatives strategies, our company now offers one of the finest High Rate Investment Plans available today.

Withdrawal Procedures

When the lock-up of period 120 days has passed for any managed funds contribution, withdrawal requests will be accommodated on the 1st business day of the month with thirty (30) business days advanced written notice to A2ML. It's very important that the customer follows the withdrawal rules due to the possibility of any open positions. If a customer demands a withdrawal of funds without the proper notice to A2ML, the account may be deducted of any current profits or positions that are pending.


Managed Funds Benefits
  • All Accounts held with leading Global Prime Brokerage
  • Weekly Statements via email with all traded positions
  • 100% Full Transparency, see every trade
  • Limited 120 Lock-up only, Fully Liquid upon 120 Days
  • Monthly Withdrawals for Cash Flow Available after 120 Day Lock-up with 30 Day Notice

A2ML will pay a predetermined referral fee to persons who introduce Managed Account clients to the company. Placement, referral or solicitation fees may be payable in connection with A2ML Managed Accounts accepted by the Trading Adviser through the assistance of unaffiliated placement agents, solicitors or money managers. These fees will be paid by the Adviser and the referral amounts will depend upon the amount and size of accounts referred.

Lock-Up Period

A2ML offers only a 120 Lock-Up for its clients' Funds, one of the shortest in the industry. Our limited Lock-up allows our investor's access to their funds for Cash Flow purposes as wanted or needed.

"It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, 
but how much money you make when you're right and 
how much you lose when you're wrong." 
~ George Soros

This information is supplied by Alternative Asset Management Limited (A2ML) and our forex trading advisers and refers to our Managed Account Foreign Exchange Funds.

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