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Working with our strategic business partners, 'we' are delivering industry leading returns in the FX markets.  We seek to provide the highest level of service and transparency to our clients while maintaining a strong focus on risk management. 

[All references to 'us', 'we' and 'our' hereafter include the whole management team including our strategic partners.]
ACMP II Monthly Gross Returns
(before the deduction of Performance Fees)


ACMP II is now a multi-year proven strategy utilising a combination of calibrated and encoded algorithms of Technical Analytical studies, using Cross Currency Correlation, trade sizing and extremely detailed money & margin management methodologies. The trading method has no initial bias to market direction and uses a comprehensive structure of proprietary algorithms that use current market momentum, and a mix of diverse high probability technical analysis indications for entry and exits into the forex markets. The management of each trade includes the use of Current Market Price Action, Strategic Correlated Spot Positions, Predictive Cycle Analysis and Statistical Positioning based on Quantitative Models, combined with market intelligence and Superior risk-management performance.

This approach allows for predictive adaptation to ever changing market conditions and continually allows for exceptional returns while keeping risk and account equity at minimum boundaries. No matter what the current or forthcoming market conditions throw our way, our trading systems are designed to adapt on the fly and capitalise on the changes.


Our Managed Account Strategy is anchored by an investment philosophy emphasising portfolio construction with an asymmetric return profile and definable downside risk to capital invested.

The Trading Team invests in spot, forwards, non-deliverable forwards, and option (vanilla and exotic) positions consistent with the investment philosophy.


ACMP II is designed to be a truly defence first trading strategy, incorporating over 40 years of combined experience in our trading approach.  Our team has lived through MULTIPLE market cycles and black swan events and we realise algo trading cannot only be about mathematics, but also about preparation for the unknowns, systematically. 

ACMP II's underlying algos have been designed with “table driven” architecture allowing for the changes in inputs based on any macro level market changes, allowing us to stay relevant over several years, and well into the future.


30 currency pairs, plus 4 additional USD/Precious Metals for a total of 34 pairs. 

Maximum Equity Use
Ave. 4%-7% of total AUM, we try to keep a 3% cap of the open equity total, as exposure to any single cross rate.

Stop-Loss deployed on every trade

Leverage Used
The maximum leverage used year to date is 50 x account equity however, since September our systems have used a maximum of 25 x leverage as an additional layer of risk management.

Each trade has various aspects to provide hedging if and as needed.



Nicholas Edwards 
Investment Manager
Nicholas has spent over 37 years in the financial markets in investment banking and asset management. For the past 17 years he has had a particular focus on automated trading in fx and futures, hedge funds and other alternative asset classes with a bias towards the innovation, design and structuring of numerous bespoke fund strategies.

Nicholas is CEO of Alternative Asset Management Limited with FCA Controlled Functions status: CF1, CF10, CF11, CF21, CF27, CF3, CF8
Peter-Jon Halmshaw 
Marketing & Sales
Peter's role at Alternative Asset Management is to help build assets under management through marketing and sales efforts of Alternative Asset Management's Alternative Currency Management Program II (ACMP II).

Peter has 18 years' experience working within the financial sector, including trading, analysis, marketing and sales.
Christopher Tucker 
Corporate Advisory
Christopher has held senior roles in some of Europe's leading investment banks and is now an adviser to high growth technology companies. 

He has over fifteen years' experience of investment banking and capital markets, and over a fifteen years' experience in venture consulting, mostly in the technology sector. He has helped dozens of small and mid-market companies with corporate development, strategy, raising capital, originating and executing corporate transactions, and international business development. Christopher has extensive international experience and has assisted companies in entering the European, US and Chinese markets.
Stephen Bartlett 
Marketing & Sales
Steve worked in the City of London from 1981 – 1999 holding a number of positions in Banking, FX and Financial Futures Broking as well as Eurobond and Government Bond Trading for a number of financial institutions including, Postipankki, Charles Fulton, EF Hutton, JP Morgan, ED&F Man and Prudential Bache. 

He also worked for Bloomberg for three years.

(We only provide services to Professional Clients as defined under article 4(1)(11) of MiFID)

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